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    cillian bastian reyes

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    cillian bastian reyes
    adhbhar | forty | tough guy

    cillian looks an awful lot like travis cadeau

    cillian's appearance: 6'0", brown eyes, slick brown hair that's shaved on the sides and long on top, heavily tattooed, large and muscular, thick beard

    cillian's past: Cillian was alone and surviving off of stealing and pick-pocketing the locals in the streets of Stonecraft at such a young age that he doesn't even remember having parents. To this day, he doesn't know what happened to them and couldn't honestly tell you the last time that he cared.

    At a young age, Cillian was taken off the streets by an underground criminal organization. Even though the organization profited off of kidnapping children and forcing them into illegal and horrific exchanges, Cillian viewed his role in the organization differently. He saw the organization as a means of whipping him into shape, perfecting his craft, providing work experience, and establishing a list of contacts for future work.

    Cillian moved his way up the ranks in the organization as he grew older, eventually determining that he was being limited by the leadership. He left the organization, working on his own for a while before putting together a small but effective and notorious crime organization of his own, the Stonecraft Coterie, also called just "the Coterie" or the "Stonecraft Mob."

    As a bit of a womanizer, Cillian has likely fathered many children with many women, but only two women have told him about it. The first woman, Petra, was someone that Cillian "reconnected" (read: hooked up) with years after their shared time as teenagers with the crime organization that kidnapped them. This resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, which then resulted in the birth of Axel, who Cillian never had much of a care for.

    Amelie, who Cillian affectionately nicknamed Emy, was the second woman to have a child with Cillian (as far as he knows). Cillian kept Emy around a bit longer, most likely because she did whatever he wanted in order to get the drugs that he had played a large part in getting her addicted to. She later died, leaving Cillian with their son Spenser.

    cillian's present: Spenser and Cillian now reside in Stonecraft, though they often travel throughout Amelia for the Coterie. Cillian has raised Spenser to appreciate his line of work, and hopes that he can one day pass the role of running the Coterie onto his son.

    Cillian has instilled the lessons that he learned as a child into Spenser, helping him to understand what it means to be a man, to be intentional and accurate, and to be successful. Cillian has generally been proud of Spenser, and still occasionally sees his other son Axel, who ultimately has disappointed him in every way.

    cillian described in five words: arrogant, forceful, selective, exploitative, selfish

    cillian's other half: ares

    ares is a boy

    ares is a bateleur

    cillian & ares are played by lookie

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