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    Axel Peter Lovison

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    Axel looks an awful lot like Nicholas Hoult

    Axel's appearance: About 5'10 with brown hair and gray-blue eyes.

    Axel's past: Axel was the unplanned result of a fling between his mother, Petra Lovison, and one of her old criminal colleagues. His father wasn't interested in being involved, so his mother raised the baby with the help of her sister and mother. His mother loved him, but she was very hard on him growing up in order to prepare him for what she believed was a harsh and unforgiving world. His aunt was warmer and more affectionate, and he grew up viewing her as a kind of second mom. Every so often his father would pop back into his life, which usually resulted in an explosive argument between his parents. Eventually his father had a second son with another woman and started showing up even less often than before.

    Because of his somewhat chaotic upbringing, Axel went through a phase of acting out and was kicked out of his first year of Redfern. His mother believed that the school was unfair to him, and decided not to send him back. He went to a local school in Ughdarras, but never really cared much for academics and never finished his full eight years.  

    His mother never cared to hide her criminal past from him, so he grew up aware of what she went through.

    Axel's present: Despite his chaotic upbringing and acting-out phase, Axel actually grew up into a reasonably thoughtful and well-adjusted young man. He has some emotional issues, but mostly represses them deep inside and puts out an appearance of being laid back. He works odd jobs here and there, but doesn't usually stick to one for long. Though he loves both his mom and aunt, he gets along better with his aunt.

    Axel described in five words: thoughtful, laid back, perceptive, guarded, independent

    Axel's other half: Blue

    Blue is a girl

    Blue is a greater sac winged bat

    Axel & Blue are played by sharn

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