mollie elisabeth solange sterling

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    mollie elisabeth solange sterling

    Post by Mollie Sterling on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:05 am


    Mollie looks an awful lot like Nina Dobrev

    Mollie's appearance: 5'4", brunette, brown eyes

    Mollies's past: Mollie's parents are Hadley and Remy Sterling, the overloridian and adviser of Earalas. As such she was raised in the Earalas estate. When she was four her parents adopted her two year old cousin, Natalie, after her aunt Solange passed away. They have since raised Nat as their own daughter, and Mollie considers her her sister.

    Mollie draws a lot from her mother in that she is very confident and sure of herself. Sometimes described as narcissistic by friends, Mollie prefers to say that she is very happy with herself and her accomplishments. She hopes to open her own fashion line one day, and while in school excelled in art classes, where she made drawings come to life.

    Mollie's present: She is in her last year of Redfern Academy, currently, but has plans to move to Lilycove after graduation to begin her dream of designing clothes.

    A social butterfly, Mollie has many friends. That said, the majority of them she keeps at arm's length. She has a hard time truly letting most clio in, but enjoys being surrounded by acquaintances.

    Mollie described in five words: confident, determined, stubborn, bold, playful

    Mollie's other half: Olivier

    Olivier is a gentleman

    Olivier is a northern cardinal

    Mollie & Olivier are played by Sam

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